When business people believe, they can do amazing things. We give our clients the confidence to do so. We want them to fly.

Our Firm

We are business law specialists focused on the smaller end of town – Queensland based SME, private and family companies only. We help business people start, grow and exit businesses and resolve business disputes. Kafrouni Lawyers is not for public listed companies or companies where our relationship will not be with the founders or majority shareholders personally. We also won’t get on with companies that don’t want to play fair in business or with the people they deal with.

You’ll love Kafrouni Lawyers if:

  • Your current lawyer does not “get” you or your business, only does the basics, is reactive, isn’t up with technology or doesn’t respond quickly.
  • Your current business lawyer is great, but charges an arm and a leg or is always palming your work off to the junior staff (and sometimes many of them);
  • You want a business and company law specialist that gets smaller businesses;
  • You want a law firm that will talk to you in plain English, do what they say they will do and return your calls.
  • You want a lawyer who will tell you upfront what it will cost, before you are charged a cent – so you can budget for what you need or decide upfront it’s not for you.
  • You’ve been sued or have had to sue someone and want a firm that will help you proactively address legal risks before they cause you problems.
  • You want a lawyer that will come to you.
  • You want a lawyer that will roll up his sleeves and get down into the trenches with you.

Since 1999, we’ve helped many business owners on their journey. We’re recognised for it. 

Recent awards include, Joe Kafrouni, personally: “Family Business Lawyer of the Year in Australia“, our team: “Best Small & Medium Advisory Team – Australia” and our firm: “SME Law Firm of the Year“.

Kafrouni Lawyers will help you successfully:

  • Start a business;
  • Grow a business;
  • Exit a business;
  • Manage your legal risks;
  • Comply with the law;
  • Negotiate and document transactions and contracts;
  • Resolve contract disputes or shareholder disputes;
  • Go about your business with confidence.

By using Kafrouni Lawyers you will benefit from our:

  • Support – we will be standing right behind you, all the way.
  • Knowledge and experience we’ll help you capitalise on opportunities or avoid risks that you may not see. We’ve been around for over 20 years and have seen a thing or two. We’ll help you stay on the right path and reduce the chance of going down the wrong one.
  • Collaboration – we appreciate the law is only a small piece of a big puzzle. We collaborate with your other professional advisors.
  • Networks – law is only one need of a small company. We know good accountants, financial advisors, management consultants, migration agents, insurance brokers, business brokers, venture capitalists, incubators and will share them with you.
  • Mentoring – knowledge is power. We want you to understand what we do and why we do it. We do not work in a vacuum and your company will be better for it.
  • LawCare Risk Management Programme – our award winning risk management programme.


LawCare ® – Our Award Winning Risk Management Program

We are the creators of LawCare. LawCare helps business owners to proactively manage their legal risks and obligations in a holistic way. We develop an intimate understanding of your business, and together, we plan a framework for managing foreseeable risk managment strategies going forward.

The benefit to you of risk management is that we largely remove the associated cost, stress and distraction of your needing to instruct us on a reactive basis, allowing you to focus on what’s important – your own business success.


Company Director, Brisbane

Joe Kafrouni has been our company’s lawyer from the beginning and has been instrumental in our journey as company owners and directors. When dealing with both complex and sensitive company issues, Joe is able to provide us with clearly articulated strategies that are well thought‐out and with the bigger picture in mind. He genuinely cares and is always willing to share his personal views, which are both honest and just. Joe is highly professional and knowledgeable in his field. You will definitely benefit having him on your team.

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Our firm is led by Joe Kafrouni, with over twenty years' experience in law. Joe is a Queensland Law Society Accredited Specialist in business law. “I am driven to help my clients succeed."


We are business law specialists focused on the smaller end of town - SME, private and family companies only. We help business people start, buy, grow and exit businesses and solve business disputes.

Where We See Our Clients

We are based at: Level 34, Waterfront Place, 1 Eagle Street, Brisbane QLD 4000

Our office is only one option – we are not attached to them. Here is how we regularly meet our clients. Tell us what suits you.

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