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What is Insider Trading?

Insider trading is a financial crime. Although it does not receive quite as much attention as other financial crimes, such as fraud, it remains relatively pervasive. However, the classification of insider trading is quite complex, and below, there is a more extended...


Company Director, Brisbane (Commercial Mediation)

“Joe, I appreciate it was a very long day yesterday but we got there in the end. I thought you did a great job and I enjoyed watching your approach and the way you conducted the mediation.” Company Director


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AIBB Guide – REIQ Business Sale Contract Queensland

This Guide by Kafrouni Lawyers and the Australian Institute of Business Brokers (AIBB) is designed for use by buyers and sellers of businesses, business brokers and professional advisers when using the REIQ Business Sale Contract (“Contract”). The purpose of the Guide...

AIBB Guide – Vendor Finance and Business Sales

The popularity of vendor finance is often cyclical. In tougher economic times, like the current state of the economy, when banks are limiting lending to business buyers, vendor financing becomes a viable if not a key selling point for a business sale. This Guide by...

Expedient Expansion: The Franchisor’s Perspective


The franchise model of business is well-known.  We see it in a wide variety of forms, within industries from gardening and fast food, to bookkeeping and conveyancing.  There’s a reason for its prevalence, too: it’s an effective way for businesses to expand.  So, if you would like to expand your business, you may have considered becoming a franchisor.  But what exactly does that entail?  The first step to becoming a franchisor is to identify prospective franchisees, that is, the people who will purchase the franchise rights to your business.

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Franchising: Risks, Rewards, and Rights


Franchising arrangements form the basis of a very common business model.  Some of the best known franchises exist in the fast food industry, but you’re likely to have seen or even employed franchised services in a whole host of industries, from lawn and garden care, to accounting and IT.  The wide-ranging presence of franchised businesses seems to suggest that they’re quite successful.  And certainly, that can be the case.  However, franchise arrangements are not without risk.  If you’re considering entering a franchise arrangement, you should look at the advantages and disadvantages on a case-by-case basis.  Before you do, though, let’s take a look at the principles underpinning franchise arrangements.

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Protecting Privacy: Strategies to Comply with Privacy Laws

Privacy is important.  But there are many situations in which it is necessary to share or collect personal information.  The nature of that information can vary, but most of it falls within the sphere of one statute: the Privacy Act.  The Privacy Act is a piece of federal legislation that governs the management of private information in Australia.  It is not the only legislative instrument that deals with privacy, but it is one of the most prominent.  The Privacy Act extends to businesses and governments alike, and it regulates things like information collection, information storage, information sharing, and data security.

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Brand Protection: Strategies for Defending your Rights

Different businesses gain value in different ways.  But in almost all cases, a business’s brand accounts for a significant proportion of its value.  Branding is what connects your business to its customers and clients.  A brand presents the full weight of your company’s reputation to potential consumers, and that, in turn, bolsters your company’s value.  For a lot of companies, brand development is a major factor in business growth as a whole.  That means companies often invest considerable resources into the development of their brands. read more…


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