If you are starting a new business, our team of solicitors would like to help you succeed. Whilst you drive, we can help you navigate common start-up issues such as:

  • leaving you employer: non-compete obligations (restraints on competing with your previous employer or soliciting customers or staff) and dealing with confidential information and trade secrets;
  • structuring the ownership: determining whether a partnership, company, trust or joint venture is best suited to your new business;
  • protecting you assets: how to protect your residence and other assets just in case;
  • formalising the relationship of the founders: defining key terms and responsibilities in partnership or shareholders agreements;
  • raising money: dealing with family and friends, angel investors, venture capital and credit;
  • negotiaing contracts and leases: negotiating agreements and making them work;
  • obtaining licences and permits: obtaining what is necessary for your business and complying with their requirements;
  • employing and contracting workers: putting employment agreements and contractor agreements in place and complying with industrial relations laws;
  • minimising operational liabilities: understanding negligence and trade practices and other laws and what is legally expected of you with respect to your goods or services, risk management;
  • dealing with your customers: establishing your terms and conditions of trade and securing payment;
  • managing suppliers: securing contracts of supply appropriate for your business;
  • exploiting your intellectual property: once you have created it, how to protect it and make the most of it; and
  • marketing appropriately: what you should and shouldn’t say when dealing with the others.

If you are starting a business, call Joe Kafrouni on (07) 3354 8888 to discuss your opportunity and how our law firmcan help.

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