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What’s In An Idea?

So far we have discussed many of the legal risks to your business. Let’s now talk about a business opportunity. Have you or your business created an idea, product or a service that no-one else has thought of before? If so, you may be able to protect that new idea,...

Reaching the Deal

A certain amount of cunning from both sides in business negotiations is fairly common. While nobody expects you to act like a saint, you must be careful not to induce people to act on an assumption that you will proceed with a deal if you have no intention of doing...

The Contract Date – What Is It?

The Usual Position At law, usually the contract date is the date that acceptance of the offer is notified to the offeror (the Postal Rule aside). In the context of business sales, it is the date the last party to sign the Contract (usually the seller) signs the...


Company Director, Brisbane

“Joe Kafrouni helped me in my acrimonious shareholders dispute, resulting in Supreme Court litigation. During my case, which took years to resolve, I appreciated Joe’s great concern for my well being and that of my family. I felt he was attentive, direct and provided me with sound advice. In the end, Joe skilfully negotiated a settlement that exceeded my expectations and I am grateful.”


Our firm is led by Joe Kafrouni, with over twenty years' experience in law. Joe is a Queensland Law Society Accredited Specialist in business law. “I am driven to help my clients succeed."


We are business law specialists focused on the smaller end of town - SME, private and family companies only. We help business people start, buy, grow and exit businesses and solve business disputes.

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