“We’ve used Kafrouni Lawyers for many years as our organisation’s general lawyers. They’ve been outstanding to work with, easy to get hold of and very proactive in helping us deal with potential legal issues.

As our business has grown, it became clear that the legal issues in our industry were becoming a bigger part of our daily operations, and Joe Kafrouni spoke to us about working with them on a retainer basis. At first I was hesitant, thinking that it would result in higher costs, however the opposite has actually been the case.

The retainer system allows us to work with Kafrouni Lawyers on a range of issues without worrying about what the phone calls, letters and emails resulting in a huge bill. In addition to this, it spreads our legal costs evenly across the financial year which helps us manage our cash flow.

In short it’s a great system that is effectively the same as having an “in house” lawyer but at a fraction of the cost. I couldn’t recommend Kafrouni Lawyers or their retainer system of operation highly enough.”