When buying a business in Brisbane or Queensland, we can help you. In particular, we will help you identify the risks that can derail or destroy the business and the opportunities for business improvement.

Examples of risk issues that arise when buying a business are:

  • whether the assets being purchased are in fact the property of the seller and will be properly transfer to the buyer;
  • are the contracts with key suppliers transferable to the buyer and without significant adverse changes;
  • will key employees be re-employable;
  • does the lease for the premises allows the buyer to use the premises in the manner and for as long as is necessary for the buyer to obtain a return on it’s investment;
  • will the buyer have all the licences and permits required to run the business;
  • is the seller restrained from competing with the buyer after completion.

We can also help capitalise on opportunities concerning the business purchase such as:

  • structuring the ownership of the business to obtain better asset protections and  tax outcomes;
  • negotiating more favourable terms with a supplier as a term of purchasing the business;
  • pursing additional licences or permits that add value to a business;
  • pursuing trade marks or other intellectual property that set the business apart and give it a competitive advantage from copy cats;
  • formalising employee incentive packages or profit sharing structures that can increase the productivity of workers.

If you are buying a business in Brisbane or Queensland, don’t hesitate to contact Joe Kafrouni on (07) 3354 8888 to discuss your business purchase and how our business lawyers can help.