• Buying a business?
  • Selling a business?

Many factors will dictate the success of your business purchase or sale.

For example, when buying a business careful consideration must be given to: what assets are being purchased and in what condition; does the goodwill of the business need protection with restraint clauses against the previous owners or key personnel; what due diligence is required and the terms of the contract to be entered into.

When selling a business, care must be taken to ensure your “house” is in order. Assets are clearly identified and capable of transfer, licences and permits in place and key contracts with suppliers and customers are secure and capable of assignment or novation.

We can assist you with the legal requirements of buying and selling a business.

Our solicitors specialise in the sale or purchase of larger scale privately-owned businesses where we can advise and add value around a diverse range of business risks.

If you are buying or selling a business in Brisbane or Queensland, call Joe Kafrouni on (07) 3354 8888 to discuss your opportunity and how we can help you.

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