What can business brokers do to reduce delays with completion of business sales?

Here are some suggestions.

Get the Seller to:

  1. speak to their accountant regarding GST (going concern) and CGT
  2. get due diligence ready
  3. prep for the usual buyer contract terms e.g. restraint of trade, usual warranties;
  4. address shortfalls in the lease – find out the lessor’s requirements – arrange a meeting;
  5. provide an exhaustive inventory list and make sure they own the business assets;
  6. ensure all assets of the business are in good working order;
  7. ensure the business name(s) are registered;
  8. contact financier regarding security over the assets or company charges;
  9. ensure all licenses to run the business are in place and no requisitions exist;
  10. provide all employee/entitlement details.

Get the Buyer to:

  1. get pre-approved finance;
  2. speak to their accountant/solicitors about GST (going concern) and structuring;
  3. speak to their solicitors about the buying process and provide you their details;
  4. consider stamp duty and other transaction costs.

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