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Advertising and Lying

Advertising is all about putting your business in the best possible light. While a certain degree of creativity is essential to this process, you could be fined if your ads tell lies or misleading people. Think all ads lie so it won’t make any difference if you are...


Lawyer, Brisbane (Commercial Mediation)

“Thank you, Joe. It was a pleasure working with you to resolve the matter today. In particular, I appreciated your patience to fully understand each party’s position and to bed down a final heads of agreement to conclude the resolution between the parties.” Lawyer, Brisbane

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Guide – Using Contracts to Allocate Risk

It is almost certain that the eventuation of a risk will lead to lost time and money and possibly the failure of a project or a particular transaction. While taking “risks” in business is an essential part of doing business, and is what allows us the opportunity to...

Guide – Working With Lawyers in Business Sales for Business Brokers

Many business brokers believe that a lawyer can make or break a deal. Often, business brokers feel they are faced with lawyers representing the buyer or seller of a business who don’t seem to care, especially about deadlines, or make mountains out of mole-hills. A...


Our firm is led by Joe Kafrouni, with over twenty years' experience in law. Joe is a Queensland Law Society Accredited Specialist in business law. “I am driven to help my clients succeed."


We are business law specialists focused on the smaller end of town - SME, private and family companies only. We help business people start, buy, grow and exit businesses and solve business disputes.

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