• Negotiating a contract?
  • Need advice on a contract presented to you?
  • Need a contract drafted?

As a business owner, you are constantly transacting – “doing business” with others. Externally, you will be purchasing resources from your suppliers; supplying your goods or services to your customers and leasing premises where you will run your business or store your inventory. Internally, you will be employing or contracting people to help you sell your goods or services.

These dealings are all transactions. They all have legal implications. If the agreement upon which the transaction is based is not complete, is ambiguous or not properly documented, where do you stand if things go wrong? What happens if your supplier provides you with inferior products or your lease does not contain the terms which you thought you had agreed? What if an employee leaves and takes your major client and business secrets?

You should have the right contract to ensure that you have the advantage – the edge – in these situations. We can help you prepare secure contracts to ensure that what you agree with others is reflected in writing – clearly. This will minimise the chances of disputes down the track. Advice should also be sought on contracts others require you to sign – so that the necessary changes may be made to protect your interests.

Sometimes, you may need someone to help you with negotiating a deal – your lawyer. We can help you formalise offers and counteroffers and act as your professional front when dealing with others, especially if they are larger or intimidating organisations.

Certain business transactions are regulated by law and in such situations you must be aware. This is where we step in to provide legal advice to you on the law as it applies to the transaction. If you fail to address such legal issues, or agree to do something in contradiction of the law, you could find that your agreement is void. You could also be fined or in some cases jailed.

Due diligence is also important. It is the process of determining if the transaction you are making is as it has been represented to you. Our experience with due diligence can save you a lot of time, stress and money by determining sooner rather than later that something is not as it first appeared or should be.

If you are negotiating a contract, about to sign or contract or need a contract drafted call Joe Kafrouni on (07) 3354 8888 to discuss how we can help you.