Disputes are an unwanted and sometimes unavoidable consequence of doing business.

  • Are you involved in a commercial dispute?
  • Do you have a claim against a person or a company?
  • Have you been sued?
  • Are you having difficulty collecting debts owed to you?

We understand that our clients want to focus on their own business and not be distracted or consumed by a dispute. When our clients are faced with a dispute, we appreciate that their first priority is to manage and minimise risk. So our aim is to avoid disputes wherever possible and minimise our client’s exposure to the potentially damaging consequences.


Unfortunately shareholder and partnership disputes are encountered within businesses; a project started with a shared goal and due to initial financial constraints a formal shareholders agreement was not drawn up. We quickly evaluate the problem and work with our clients to adopt the most timely, commercial and cost-effective solution. If possible, we try to explore alternative dispute resolution, such as negotiation, mediation or arbitration.

When litigation is unavoidable, our solicitors pursue it efficiently and vigorously, but always with a commercial approach.

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